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A Human-Software Hybrid Is Essential to Keeping Cyber Threats at Bay

With more and more of our interactions and transactions now taking place online, it’s no surprise that cyber-crime is growing by the day. Opportunistic hackers will seek any opportunity to infiltrate your company’s network and access its sensitive information – and the methods employed to do so are evolving and adapting all the time.

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The time is ripe to optimise your online defences

Here’s a stat to boggle the mind – 925,633,824 records were breached in September 2018. That soundbite alone should have all CEOs scrambling to fortify their company’s online defences, and with National Cyber Security Awareness Month taking place this October, there’s never been a better time to prepare yourself against this unseen enemy.

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Why Cyber-Attacks Should Be Such a Concern to SME's

Last year, research showed that more than 70% of cyber-attacks were directed at SMEs, and that almost half of all small businesses reported a successful attempt to infiltrate their system. Most concerning of all, almost 60% of those SMEs which fell prey to an attack were forced to cease trading within six months of the incident. Clearly, cyber-security should be high on any business owner’s agenda – but it’s not. So, we must ask ourselves, why?

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