Quorum Cyber is hitting a little milestone - 1000 tweets


I know this achievement would feel like just another week for some companies (sometimes even presidencies) out there, but this is our milestone, and we are incredibly proud of it.

Like most milestones, and -to be completely honest- like most things in general, I would have completely missed it if it wasn't for the amazing work of our team.

In this particular case, the accolade goes to the Marketing Team. This team (of 2 people!) works relentlessly to help build and nurture our brand, archaeologically distill our message from the absolute universe of rubbish we give them as original content, and generally moves heaven and earth to prevent us from making fools out of ourselves. Not a glorifying (or easy) role I can assure you, but one without which, Quorum Cyber as we know it, would not exist today. Thank you.

This 1000th tweet also comes at a time of great internal change and evolution for us. Taking inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it became very clear to me that we are starting the equivalent of Phase 2 of the Quorum Cyber storyline.

In the last two years, we progressed from being a one-man start-up with a half-baked idea, to a thriving company with 3 original products in the market, 9 consulting services, 23 employees, a collection of over 50 certifications, a raft of new and interesting customers all over the UK (and even outside the UK) and are smashing our projected turnover targets this financial year. Not too bad.

Alas, time has come to grow up (a little)

As we continue on our journey, I'm personally taking a step back from customer-facing work, and focusing almost exclusively on the team, our customer experience, and the continuous improvement of our products and services. We are also hiring aggressively and supporting people as they move into more senior positions - positions which, by the way, did not exist 6 months ago! All of this is a reflection of how hard we've worked to move towards what we want to become and our goal to be better prepared for the next two years.

So 1000 tweets. 1000 things that we wanted to share with the world about how we think, why we do what we do, and to give a platform to other people out there that we respect and who we identify with.

I hope, if you are reading this, maybe one of those tweets resonated and made you feel just a little bit less alone, just a little bit more inspired, and made the geek inside of you stand in awe about how cool the industry we are in can be, and what a privilege it is to be part of it.

Thanks for reading.

Federico Charosky

Quorum Cyber Managing Director