A Human-Software Hybrid Is Essential to Keeping Cyber Threats at Bay

With more and more of our interactions and transactions now taking place online, it’s no surprise that cyber-crime is growing by the day. Opportunistic hackers will seek any opportunity to infiltrate your company’s network and access its sensitive information – and the methods employed to do so are evolving and adapting all the time.

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The time is ripe to optimise your online defences

Here’s a stat to boggle the mind – 925,633,824 records were breached in September 2018. That soundbite alone should have all CEOs scrambling to fortify their company’s online defences, and with National Cyber Security Awareness Month taking place this October, there’s never been a better time to prepare yourself against this unseen enemy.

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Get your ducks in a row - the Importance of KPIs in Quantifying your Cyber Security Setup

As awareness of the risks surrounding cyber-crime increases, many businesses are waking up to the urgent need to protect themselves online from malicious attackers. Enhanced employee training programmes and increased investment in software solutions can go some way to mitigating this threat, but without any way of quantifying your progress, it’s impossible to know how well your business’ online defences are holding up in the face of an ever-shifting threat landscape.

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Pamela Bissett
The Instant Impact of a Cyber Security Operations Centre

In this project, we were tasked with on-boarding a new customer to our Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC). This would be “just another SOC paper” if it wasn’t for the fact that this particular Customer has an architecture that is exactly what we built the C-SOC for: they are almost exclusively an Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) operation. 

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The Role of a SOC in a Serverless World

The server as we know it is a dying breed. With the advent of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in November 2015, and the raft of similar function-as-a-service (FaaS) platforms which followed it, more and more companies are choosing to migrate into the serverless world.

After all, the advantages in scalability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness are enough to make the head spin and the heart sing – but what does the move mean for security?

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