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Balancing Risk

The sweet spot between security and innovation

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With the advancement in ‘everything cloud’ and a drive towards digital innovation, businesses are more “digital” than ever. This has brought many benefits; cost savings, efficiency improvements, and agile working; but it has also exposed a weak spot that the cyber criminals are taking full advantage of. Attackers are embracing these same technology trends and innovations – at potentially great cost to the organisations they target.

On Tuesday 23rd February Robert Hayes, former Head of the UK National Technical Assistance Centre, discussed the sweet spot between security and innovation and how to achieve the balance without opening your organisation up to the increased risk associated with cyber-attacks.

Event suited for; Board members, senior leaders, and executives (CIO, CTO Director of Technology)

Event Schedule 12:00-13:00

Intro & Welcome from Federico Charosky, founder & Chief Executive – Quorum Cyber

Balancing Risk with Robert Hayes

  • Understanding how risk registers can be your friend & how to ensure that risk appetite is actually reflected in what happens in your organisation
  • Balancing opportunity and security – how to achieve this without slowing the pace of innovation