After SolarWinds – A Lunch & Chat Webinar

with i-confidential and Quorum Cyber

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After SolarWinds – A Lunch & Chat Webinar with i-confidential and Quorum Cyber

The SolarWinds attack has once again shone a light on the tactics available to combat these potentially existential threats to businesses and nation states alike.

An attack of this magnitude will happen again, so what should we be doing to prepare?

To help celebrate Cyber Scotland Week 2021, i-confidential joined Quorum Cyber to hold a Lunch & Chat Webinar on this important subject. Guest speakers shared observations, tools, and approaches that can help organisations fight back.





Speaker and Agenda Details:

Federico Charosky, Founder & CEO of Quorum Cyber
– A front-line view and insights into the rise of sophisticated cyber-attacks facing organisations.
– Actionable threat Intelligence.
– Proactive defence – reducing risk, increasing resilience, and how to defend your organisation against cyber security breaches and attacks.

Robert Hayes, former Head of the UK National Technical Assistance Centre
– Explaining cyber security risk to your senior executives and board – turning a negative into a positive.
– Working towards ‘Zero Trust’ – understanding risk appetite and conditional trust.
– Responding to cyber-attacks – why communication is just as important as technical expertise.

Simon Lawrence, Director of i-confidential
– Identifying and prioritising your assets from a cyber perspective.
– Reliable Control Measurement.
– Presenting compelling metrics to senior executives.