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Quorum Cyber’s inaugural Summit was held in the Virgin Hotel, Edinburgh on 23rd March 2023. Our first in-person conference provided customers with unrivalled access to world-class insights and information on cyber strategies, emerging threats and future trends from cyber security experts including our partner, Microsoft. Guests had the opportunity to meet our team, network with their peers, watch demos of our services and attend a series of Lightning Talks from our experts.




Paul Bird

Head of Information Security, Tilbury Douglas

Richard Holland

Head of IT Systems and Cyber Security, Notting Hill Genesis

Keith McDevitt

Cyber Integrator, Scottish Government

Theresa Shearer FRSE


Paul Kelly

Director, Security Business Group, Microsoft

Lesley Kipling

Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft

Federico Charosky

CEO, Quorum Cyber

Mark Lawrence

Quorum Cyber Advisory Board member

Bob Hayes

Quorum Cyber Advisory Board member

Ciara Mitchell

Customer Advocacy Director, Quorum Cyber

James Allman-Talbot

Head of Incident Response and Threat Intelligence, Quorum Cyber

Clive Watson

Microsoft Sentinel Solution Director, Quorum Cyber

Paul Cullimore

Microsoft Defender Solution Director, Quorum Cyber

Graham Hosking

Data Security Solution Director, Quorum Cyber

Quorum Cyber Summit: Cyber strategies, threats and trends

Approaching our seventh anniversary of fighting bullies and helping good people win, we were delighted to hold our inaugural Quorum Cyber Summit for many of our customers at the Virgin Hotel in historic central Edinburgh on 23rd March 2023. Compered by COO Mark Lawrence, the event’s main aim was to foster a strong sense of community spirit and togetherness among our customers and with our security partner Microsoft, and emphasise that we’re all in a race against time. Read more about the day.

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We presented a series of live demonstrations on the day to showcase the very best of Quorum Cyber.


A tour of new and upcoming features on our customer portal, alongside a roadmap for future developments.

MDR Exposed

How our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team operates on a daily basis. They delved into the mechanics of what constitutes a security alert and how Microsoft Sentinel and Quorum Cyber’s very own crack team of security analysts triage these events using a mixture of machine and human intelligence.

Advisory Services

Quorum Cyber covers a wide range of advisory and cloud security engineering services. From maturity assessments, reducing costs of compliance, and virtual CISO support, to designing your own in-house monitoring and detection platform tailored to your operating model.

Data Security

The latest insights on data security. Our experts discussed the data journey that organisations need to go on to maintain full control of data, from where it is stored to how and where it is sent, and how it is used. We covered the importance of data security strategies, the best practices in data security, and the regulatory compliance that is needed to protect data. We also addressed the challenges and advantages posed by new technologies in a hybrid world.

Lightning Talks

Threat Intel: “Threat Intelligence: the Eyes and Ears of Cyber Security”

Advisory Services: “When you don’t know what’s wrong, who are you going to call?”

Compliance and Data Security: “Data Security — exploring behaviours and data risk”

Keynote on Mental Toughness

At the Summit, we were joined by former British Rally Championship driver and now performance coach Penny Mallory, who has spent her career beating the competition across the line and teaching others how to win.

“The one thing that will change everything: mental toughness”

Fighting Bullies Award 2023

Quorum Cyber presented this award in celebration of our customer’s outstanding achievements in fighting bullies.